Friday, May 06, 2011

New Kristin Hersh/50 Foot Wave

In the last ten years Kristin Hersh, the 44-year-old mother of four boys, has released four solo albums, one album with her beloved Throwing Muses, a memoir entitled Rat Girl (Penguin Books) and a whole bunch of material (one LP, four EPs, and a bunch of singles) with her post-punk outfit 50 Foot Wave, which also includes Throwing Muses' bassist, Bernard Georges. To say that she has kept herself busy is an understatement. So busy that filmmaker Jackie Weissman chose Hersh to focus on for her documentary Rock and Roll Mamas (set for a Fall 2011 release). Now word today from Hersh's twitter feed of some new (FREE!) 50 Foot Wave music to check out. Please enjoy.

Free Fall (mp3)
Grey (mp3)
Radiant Addict (mp3)

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pjonwhite said...

Great songs - thx Mike.